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Cartouche Pendant-Double Sided

Cartouche Pendant-Double Sided

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Each cartouche will be 18k Egyptian gold or sterling silver with a diamond cut border. You can choose to have your name in English or hieroglyphics.

This pendant will have your name on the front and another name on the front or a set of hieroglyphics on the back (i.e. an ankh, scarab, eye of Horus).

*Chain is not included.

**During checkout please include what name(s) you would like each side to say in the notes section.**

If you choose hieroglyphics, your name may not translate directly, therefore your cartouche may be created with a hieroglyphic character that represents a syllable(s) of your name rather than a specific letter. Please allow 30-60 days for your cartouche to be shipped out.

A cartouche is an oval frame pendant with one’s name written in hieroglyphics. In the past, cartouches were worn by Egyptian Gods, Goddesses, and royalty.

It represents a looped rope which has a magical power to protect the name that is written in inside. A cartouche is also meant to protect against evil spirits both in this life and the after life.

Hieroglyphics are word pictures which represent the sounds of the Ancient Egyptian language.

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